"This is one of the best brochures I've seen in the Financial Services Industry. Every advisor should have one."                                                                                              Garry Kinder CEO, Kinder International

"Jane's support for my advisors allowed them to gain a greater market share and high end exposure. Her branding initiatives helped open the door when it was closed."               Brian Walsh, Associate Managing Director, Prudential

"I can say with great confidence the bio you wrote was a critical piece in gaining a new client. As you said, an effective bio should be engaging, informative, personal and entertaining. You did a brilliant job in presenting who I am, and it paid off. I wish I could make every client read it. It is definitely something I hightlight as I leave every new appointment."                                                        Bart Baxter, Advisor, Barnum Financial Group

"The experience Jane Snaider was able to provide in the area of public speaking, networking and business development put my event over the top."                                                         Bryne Doyle, Advisor, Barnum Financial Group

"This diminutive dynamo would make a hellofa linebacker, nothing is too much for her to tackle."                                                                                                                                                    Connecticut Magazine-Top 40 People to Know in Connecticut

" I have worked with Jane Snaider for over 7 years, both as a writer and editorShe believes in her product and makes believers out of others."                                                     Charles Bernard, Travel Editor, Modern Maturity 

"Simply put, Jane gets the job done."                              Stew Leonard, Jr