Jane Snaider, president

Jane Snaider&Company

What you should know about me

I'm an idea person, an out of the box thinker, with a mind that never stops exploring alternative marketing techniques. My tag line, "Simple Solutions to Complex Problems", came to me early in my career.  I listened carefully as other's tackled challenging issues, offering complex solutions with a big price tag. I, on the other hand, approached it differently, my suggestions were simple, practical and cost effective.

I'm not shy and little stands in my way to make things happen for my clients. Connecticut Magazine listed me as one of the top 40 people to know. "This diminutive dynamo would make a helluva linebacker - nothing is too tough for her to tackle."

What career achievements I am most proud of

As the Tourism Director for Coastal Fairfield County, the first multi-town/city economic development region in Connecticut, my challenge was to transform five independent districts into one vibrant tourism region. Reinventing the way stakeholders viewed tourism, I organized a breakthrough community engagement initiative, mobilizing the business, cultural, political, media communities as well as area civic leaders which resulted in a booming and profitable tourist economy for a three city/ten town region. 

My first client that engaged me as a consultant asked me to market the firm's 2nd annual seminar to a targeted group of professionals. In year one (2011) seven people attended. This year 85 registered, 79 attended, that's a 700% increase over the prior year! 

The formal Introduction

As President of Jane Snaider & Company, my specialty is solving communication problems, consulting with the "team", developing a customized strategy, and assisting with the implementation. I like to think of myself as an "audience builder". Give me the challenge and I'll grow your business-every solution is unique to my client-nothing canned about my approach!

A bit more

started my communications career as the Director of Tourism in New Haven, Connecticut. Following that I spent 20 years as the Executive Director of Tourism in Fairfield County. As the Director of Tourism for Coastal Fairfield County, a region comprised of three cities (Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport) and 10 towns (Greenwich-Stratford), my responsibility was to create a vibrant tourist destination. Reinventing the way stakeholders viewed tourism, I organized a breakthrough community engagement initiative, by mobilizing business, cultural, political and community leaders to create a booming and profitable tourist economy. This challenging endeavor utilized communication and marketing techniques that facilitated trust among stakeholders; created a strategy that encouraged strong working relationships, aligned diverse marketing strategies; and closed the gap between large and small businesses. 

Following this position I returned to New Haven as the President of the Town Green Special Services District. The TGSSD, was formed by the City of New Haven, property owners and Yale University to create a vibrant and safe downtown, that would attract and retain businesses, increase attendance at cultural attractions, bring visitors to downtown and ensure that every person's experience was so positive, that they would want to return again and again.

Next position was a bit different, as the Director of Marketing and Resource Development for the Valley United Way, I was responsible for raising money and marketing the organization to increase awareness of the significant role VUW played in the 5 town region. While there I learned about the importance of community engagement, a critical factor in sustaining communities. This valuable lesson was integrated into the branding strategy I created for Barnum Financial Group, a top MetLife sales office as Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs.

I believe in giving back to community. My 30 years of volunteering has been a rewarding part of my life. Making a difference, working with people who really care has enabled me to build a network of diverse friends which has broadened and enriched my life. Some of my most rewarding volunteer activities have been: mentoring a teen mom and an elementary school student, volunteering at the Jewish Home for the Age, Metropolitan Business Academy, Greater New Haven Arts Council, Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's Womens' and Girl's Fund and Yale New Haven Hospital Auxiliary, 

Building on my entrepreneurial desires, I decided to branch out on my own and founded Jane Snaider & Company in March 2012. 

I want to thank the following people for helping me launch my company.

  • Diana Hennig
  • Joanne Paone-Gill
  • Stefan Schloegl