September 21, 2012

For Immediate Release: Contact: Jane Snaider                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               New Haven, Connecticut                                                                                                                                                             203-397-1276

Jane Snaider Launches Jane Snaider & Company- a communication consulting firm

September 21, 2012, New Haven, CT- Jane Snaider, a 30 year marketing veteran in the non-profit sector and private industry is putting her talents to work for her own private clients. Her tag line, "Simple Solutions to Complex Problems", says it all. The company's focus is to provide marketing, public relations, networking and fundraising support for businesses and non-profit organizations.

An "out of the box" thinker, Snaider's goal is to develop a unique, engaging and thought provoking marketing strategy that will create a buzz within one's target market.  Her approach to building a brand and increasing business includes public relations, community engagement and networking. Her techniques strengthen customer relationships, increases referrals and new prospects. 

Snaider avoids spending big bucks. She knows who to call, where to look and how to get heard. Her years of involvement and contacts give her a unique edge over her competitors. As Stew Leonard, Jr said, "Simply put, Jane gets the job done." 

To schedule a free consultation, contact Snaider at 203-397-1276 or

How To Build Better Relationships with your customers that encourage repeat business and larger transaction sizes.